Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ronnie's Christmas

We are very low key about Christmas.  We don't do Santa, and we don't buy a ton of gifts.  Actually, Ronnie only got one gift from us this year, the other two in the photo above were from his uncle Scott,  aunt Crystal, and cousin Shelbie.  We got Ronnie the Thomas the Tank beginners train set.  We plan to collect more trains and tracks over the years.  We got the wooden set from Target.  We thought it would be a neat thing to collect the wooden train set, a very fun toy for boys.  And girls too!  So here are a few photos from our Christmas this year.  I know it is very "boring" compared to most people's Christmas celebrations, but like I said, we are low key about it.  We don't want to get caught up in the consumerism and hype.  We like to focus on Jesus and His birth,  and for the reason He was born.


Michelle said...

right on sister.

I like the train...going to get Asa one next year. It looks so fun. How did Ronnie like it?

Oh yea, my teen (Ash) saw your pregnancy picture and said you look so cute.

Yara said...

I like it : )
I'm planning on getting a train set (w/ table so the girls dont lose it all) next year for Christmas as our one gift for all 3 kids
I also didn't buy my kids much this year, klean kanteens & built ny sleeves for everyone
a book for each child
a stuffed animal for each girl
& babylegs for Kevin (and then I figure out they don't even fit him right now!)
low key is much nicer than big hoopla; I think
love the pix... Ronnie is so adorable

Milburns' said...

Dont get the table! Its not worth it! LOL I put all of our train tracks and trains and accessories in a basket for them to get out and use. We had a table and since its low to the ground you can bet they climb on it rpeatedly... it wasnt long before it totally broke. AND it took up a TON of space...

but we LOVE the trains... its Jeremiahs fave! :-)))