Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More blessings from others

The top photo is a changing table I just received from my neighbor Shelley.  We recently met after learning that we are both clients of the same midwives for our homebirths.  Shelley had her 2nd baby at home in February.  And they live only four houses down from us!  So it has been a huge blessing to get to know her and let our boys play together.  Her son is 9 months older than Ronnie.  She is going to be one of my backup people for Ronnie when I am in labor.  The changing table was an extra one she had that she was not using, so she said if I liked it I could have it.  I am just thrilled to have received this as we were needing one very badly.  

We are slowly working on making the office/drum room into a sort of bedroom/baby room.  We moved the bookcase out into the living room now, and we put Ronnie's books on the bottom two shelves.  That has been so neat for him.  He can just pull a book out and sit down and look at it.  Much better than the pile of books that was forming on the floor before.  So I put the changing table in the office room where the bookshelf was (see photo above).  Our next goal is to get the desk and PC out of there and probably have to put Ron's drums up for a bit so we can put the full size mattress on the floor.  That will be a place for me to crash if me and the kids are having a long night of night wakings.  That way we can sleep somewhere without worrying about waking daddy up.

And if this baby is a girl, then we will eventually be converting that room into a bedroom for her anyway.  But that is not needed immediately.  Ronnie slept in the Co-sleeper by our bed until he was 8 months old.  I am sure this baby will sleep in there for quite a while too.  It sure makes night nursings and wakings a lot easier than having to get up out of bed! :)

The second photo is the gifts I have received from my diaper shower over the weekend.  I have a good supply of disposables, and 9 newborn sized cloth diapers.  What an absolute blessing!!  I am very grateful for people's generosity when we have been expecting a baby.  It is so helpful and I appreciate it more than words can say.  It is truly humbling to see how God provides our needs through others.


Yara said...

very cool! if you still want some kissaluvs knowckoffs, email me your addy so I can mail you a couple.

Milburns' said...

Nice changing table! I am thinking about getting one of those foam pads to go on top of the dresser we are going to use for baby.