Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life via Instagram over the past week

I have been using my husband's old iPhone as an iPod touch.  It's kind of fun!  I added an app called Instagram that allows you to take photos and then edit them using these cool settings.  Here is our life within the last week or so using Instagram photos.

Having loads of fun in the laundry basket.

Playing "dolphins" by climbing inside pillow cases.

Our first snow this winter.

Getting all the baby clothes washed up and put away for baby's arrival in a few months.

Ronnie's new (to him) Thomas bedding that my mom found at a garage sale.  Along with the Thomas pillow I got from a swap meet.  He LOVES it!

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Christy said...

i just got caleb all new thomas sheets and blankets and hes sleeping in his bed yeah!!! i wish i could have found mine cheap we paid around 70 maybe a little more!!