Friday, February 26, 2010

You say soda, I say pop

Even though I have lived in the south for 11 years now, I am still a Yankee at heart!  You just can't take the Yankee out of a gal no matter how far removed she is from her roots.  Even after all these years of being teased for saying "pop" instead of soda, I still call it pop!!  Since Ron and I made our healthy lifestyle change nearly 6 years ago, we just don't drink pop anymore.  But when we do want to splurge and have some with our pizza (like we did earlier this week) it is nice to know there are healthier options out there.  And Izze is one of them.  Ron had it before, but I had not.  So we bought a pack to go with our pizza, and it was fabulous!!  It is simply just fruit juice and sparkling water.  That's it!!  No added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives or any other cancer causing agent.  Two thumbs up for Izze, they got it right!  Go check out their website for a coupon!


Michelle said...

i love it too

Erin said...

Yum! I grew up in Ohio saying 'pop', but then decided in H.S. that it was cooler to say 'soda', and when I lived in TN for almost 5 years I noticed people would say 'Coke' even if they wanted 'Sprite' or 'cold drink' which could mean a number of things if you ask me! Now I'm just confused and only drink water and juice. :)

Marcy said...

You are so right Erin! Here in TN they call it either "coke" or "cold drink", for everything! LOL! I'll never get used to it. Great to hear from you again! :)