Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly cat!!

Shortly after Ron and my dad did the finished top of the gate on my parents last visit, Kitty Cat decided she had to check it out.  Now I know why they say "curiosity killed the cat"!  They do some dangerous stuff just because they are curious!

Speaking of that, our other cat Pearl, who just turned one, did something really stupid last year.  She used to climb up into the engine or undercarriage of the car or van.  One day we left to go somewhere and as we were going down our street, we heard a weird noise and a "thump" sound.  I quickly turned to look out the window only to see Pearl running out from UNDER the van and into someone's yard.  She had been under the van while we were driving!!!!!  She is SO lucky that she did not fall in front of the wheel or she we would've run over our own cat.  Good grief!!!

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