Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas in January

When I went up to Michigan a few weeks ago for my grandma's funeral, my mom still had her Christmas decorations out.  She goes all out when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas!  It dawned on me that the last time we had been up there during the winter was 2002, so it was fun to see her Christmas decorations, and all the snow again!  I took some photos of both her decorations and the snow, so I wanted to share them with you.  I realize we are almost to Valentine's Day now, but its always fun to see how others decorate, it can give you some new ideas and inspiration.  I hope you enjoy it!

The main Christmas tree in the living room.

I made the bell ornament when I was a kid.  I loved looking at all her old ornaments!  Some were vintage ones my grandma Ida had.

On top of the hutch in the dining room.  She likes snowmen.  So do I. :)

The front of the vintage photo holder from the photo of my mom with Santa when she was little.

Her snowman tree in the dining room.

A craft she made way back in the 1980's, I remember it!

Cute idea for the centerpiece on the table.

Cute jars of goodies on the kitchen island.

One of the little vintage elves who hangs out in a room of the house.  My brother and I used to fight over who got to put which elf where. LOL!

Lake effect snow in Michigan!  Just beautiful to watch it fall.

The window box on the garage.

Wreath on the window.  It looks so pretty with the icicles and falling snow!

Frozen on the rose bush.

So pretty!!

Just to show how deep it got even on the tree branches.

Also on the dining room hutch.

Her kitchen sink.

The downstairs half bath.

The rustic, outdoor sportsman tree in the family room.

Handmade stockings my mom's friend Linda made.

And of course more snowmen!

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