Friday, January 28, 2011

Networking with the bloggers at Blissdom

Some of you are probably asking, what exactly is Blissdom?  It is a conference just for bloggers!  And it happens to take place at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, which is just a 30 minute drive from my house.  I knew I would not be able to actually attend the conference this year, but I thought that if I could just go down there during the lunch break, I would have an opportunity to meet and network with some of the ladies whose blogs I follow.  So my sweet friend Melissa offered to come with me to help with the kids so I could go.  Thank you again Melissa, it meant a lot to me! :)

I was able to see all the women who I knew would be there, and then I met some new bloggers too!  It was so much fun, I wish I could've hung out all afternoon and met more!

Lisa Leonard is on the left.  I have been following her blog for a long time.  She makes beautiful, one of a kind, hand stamped jewelry.  She has a very successful business and blog, I always look forward to reading her new posts and seeing photos of her new jewelry pieces.  I was super excited to meet her in person!

Maggie Whitley (aka Gussy) is on the right.  This super sweet gal sews the most beautiful bags, totes, clutches, purses, etc.  The ruffle is her trademark and it makes her stuff just super cute and so trendy!  Her business grew so well, and so quickly, that she quit her full time job last year in order to do her online sewing business full time!  That is awesome!  She is such an inspiration, I always learn so much from her.  I have emailed back and forth with her over the last year, so I was really excited to actually meet her in person.  Not to mention the fact that we are both originally from West Michigan, so we have that in common as well. :)

Running into Donielle from Naturally Knocked Up was just a bonus!  I didn't even know she was going to be there, I just recognized her face and stopped her immediately!  What a treat to meet her in person.  She is a Master Herbalist student and a natural mama, which is right up my alley.  So I have enjoyed following her blog and learning a lot of great info.  And while talking to her, I learned that she is also from West Michigan.  Yeah for more Michiganders! :)

As we were on our way out of the hotel, we just happened to walk past Laurie from Tip Junkie.  I was like "hey, I follow your blog!"  LOL!  I knew she was going to be there, I just wasn't sure if I would run into her.  But sure enough, I did.  What a blast!  Her blog shares ALL kinds of tips.  Everything from party ideas, craft ideas, holiday tips, DIY, decorating, etc.

A couple other gals I met that I do not have photos of but I need to mention are Allison from No Time For Flash Cards.  She has great resources for teaching your preschool aged children, which I have, so I was excited to meet her!

I also met Ruth from Living Well Spending Less.  I had to talk to her because she is as tall as me, and I just don't see many women who are that tall! :)  So we chatted for a few minutes and exchanged business cards.  A very sweet gal with a great blog about how to find style and luxury on a budget.

Please click on the links I've shared with you and come learn more about these neat ladies and their wonderful blogs and businesses!  You will be glad you did!  And maybe if everything works out I can attend Blissdom next January.  I will see where the Lord leads me and my business in this next year.


Gussy said...

I'm so glad you snagged me so I could meet you in person. You are so wonderful ~ a sparkle gem.


Ruth said...

It was nice meeting you too! Your blog is lovely.