Friday, March 16, 2012

My latest painting projects

So here is a look at our master bedroom before we painted it.  This was the original flat paint the builder had put in the house when we bought it.  My husband's drum kit now resides in our closet.  He was able to move some shelving around and make it fit inside there all set up.  He can go in the closet and shut the door and play to his hearts content.  Its his own little "woodshed". :)

Here is our bedroom now in the beautiful green called Lettuce Alone.  We bought it at Lowe's.  Such a refreshing, cheerful color!  I will be making curtains for it as well in the near future.  I now own a sewing machine, so I just have to learn how to use it.  And I need to find something to use for a headboard.  I'm thinking a vintage door would look cool.

We painted the nightstands a fun shade of peacock blue that we pulled from the quilt.  I just love this pop of color against the green walls!

The before and after photo of the chest of drawers we painted in a nice chocolate brown color.  We used a brown glaze that we mixed with a little black paint to make it darker.  This is now my husbands chest of drawers for his clothing.  He loves it! (It sits where his drum kit used to be in the top photo).

And this was another piece I painted.  Its a fun little cabinet I got from my parents and it now resides in the hallway between the kids bedrooms.  I just love this color!


Anonymous said...

All of that stuff is soooo pretty!!! I love it!!!
I know this is out of the subject but when is your next baby due? :)

Melanie said...

It all looks so scrumptious!! The colour on the walls is so nice and fresh and the bedside tables are the perfect pop of colour. I love how all the colours are picked up in the quilt. Beautiful!!