Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More vintage touches

I am sure you have figured out by now that I LOVE all things vintage, especially items that belonged to my mom, grandmother's, or any other family member.  Here are a few things my mom and I put up in the house during their visit.

I already had this wall hanging that belonged to my grandma Evelyn Mae, but we put it on a different wall after painting the living room.  It now hangs in the foyer for all to see when they come in the front door. :)

I love jade-ite dinnerware!  My mom had bought me some dinner plates and a cream and sugar set somewhere up in MI last year.  So she brought them down for me.  We put the cream and sugar up above the cabinets, they coordinate so well there!

These gold leaf glasses belonged to my grandma Evelyn Mae.  She had them in her little apartment room at the retirement community where she lived.  She wanted to have a few nice dishes on hand to use for guests who came to visit her.  I was honored to be able to have these.

This set of plates also has matching coffee cups that also belonged to grandma Evelyn Mae.  I actually remember these growing up.   She had them in her condo and brought them with her to the retirement community too.  Now I get to use them and I love it!

I just need to find a nice hutch similar to the one below that my mom has.  I want to put it in my dining room to house all my vintage dishes so I can look at them and use them more readily.  Maybe my friend Jenny Gale or Christy can help me find an old one to paint up. :)

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