Sunday, February 20, 2011

A fun-filled family day!

Ron took Friday off from work, so we spent the day out just the four of us.  We had a great time as usual!  While we were at a mall, Ronnie saw the carousel and wanted to ride on it.  We told him we couldn't this time, and just as we were walking past it, a very nice lady told us she had three tickets left over and wanted us to have them.  I was just amazed at her kindness, the tickets were $2.25 each!  I was going to ride with the kids and the lady running the carousel said that parents don't require tickets, so we all rode it together. :)  Ron took some photos with his iPhone and I edited them on Picnik for some special effects.  I like how they turned out!  I promise I will finish posting my last few recipes in the next day or two.  Its been a busy weekend, so I just did not have time to blog about them.  But I will!

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Cool Pic.!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)