Monday, February 21, 2011

My apologies Anthropologie

I've always heard so much about this store, and yet I did not even realize we had one in Nashville until a few months ago.  Oops!!  So I finally had an opportunity to stop in there and look around for a few minutes.  Very, very pretty stuff!  Both clothing and home decor items.  The prices are a bit high for me, but they do have a clearance section!  So maybe the next time I have a little spending money, I can take some time to dig through those racks.  I personally cannot justify spending $78 for ONE top.  I just can't wrap my mind around that (just think of how many tops I can get from TJ Maxx for $78!!!!!)

I saw this dress inside and thought it was pretty, so I tried to snap a photo as we drove by (I did not dare try and take any photos inside the store, I am sure I would've been busted!)  Unfortunately I will not be purchasing this dress anytime soon, it costs $228. :)  But you can see a better photo of it below.

So now that I know we have an Anthro in Nashville, I will make a point to stop in every so often to look at the latest fashions.  And hit the clearance racks in search of that "gotta have it" deal!


Anonymous said...

I love Anthropologie! I can't afford it, but I love it! The only pieces I've gotten from there have been from that infamous clearance room. ha! And I've gotten a few little knick-knacky things from there as well. But boy, is it ever way out of my price range!

wonderchris said...

Pretty dress!! Oh, and we tried the chocolate recipe, and we are HOOKED. It was so delicious and we even added some organic rice krispies to a batch....and made some peppermint chocolate discs (so good!!).

Thanks for sharing!