Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The latest creations

I thought I should probably share photos of the latest pieces I've made. :)

This piece is so fun!  And definitely a statement necklace!  It is a vintage 3-strand necklace that I embellished with a rosette and ribbon.  It is available for purchase on my Facebook page waiting for someone to take her home!

A vintage wooden bead necklace embellished with a couple rosettes.  I love the red with gray combo!  This one is also available on my Facebook page awaiting her new home.

Vintage choker embellished with pink/white polka dot rosette.

I LOVE this vintage yellow necklace!!  It is perfect just the way it is, so I will not be embellishing or upcycling this one.  I did, however, make the earrings from some vintage necklace beads.  They compliment the necklace nicely.

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